New and exciting group starting in Seattle, WA

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Seattle Contemporary Acappella is officially recognized as a member of the Contemporary Acappella Society and the Contemporary Acappella League:

"There are thousands of singing groups for high school and college singers that specialize in pop, rock, r&b, jazz and beyond, but until recently almost no opportunities for adults to sing "their" music.
And it's a shame, because there are approximately 5,000 experienced college a cappella singers graduating each year, and most of these folks have little or no opportunity to continue singing in a similar ensemble. Until now.

Groups in the league are primarily audition only, have an average size of 12-20 members, and are becoming known for their quality, despite not being professional ensembles. This is not your grandmother’s community chorus. For lack of a better term, imagine a post-collegiate group modeled after and comprised of members from the best college groups.
Groups generally rehearse once a week, and tend to perform on evenings or weekends once or twice a month. These ensembles generally exist such that the members can have day jobs and otherwise include music in their otherwise busy lives.
Groups are a dynamic part of their local communities and become known in their area; Performing the National Anthem at sporting events, appearances at street fairs, parades, farmer’s markets, morning radio shows, local TV, and so on.
Groups that are a part of the CASA league can be owned by an individual or non-profit, but all have at their help a driven, self-motivated leader or leadership team. CASA doesn't own the groups, but rather helps at every stage from formation to Grammy nomination."